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MediaFiler Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software is the leader in the new generation of DAM software providing a lifeline to a growing number of organizations swamped by the rising tide of rich media, described collectively as ‘digital assets’.

Regarded as the fastest DAM system on the market, it enables our customers to organize, find, share and distribute their digital assets at lightning speed across their departments, companies and partners around the world. It enables greater operational efficiency, significant savings, streamlined distribution and increased usage of existing assets.MediaFiler’s intuitive user interface is ideal for public facing sites; because it is so easy to use, clients reported user help and support calls plummeted. A massive advantage for public bodies such as government, councils and museums etc.

MediaFiler also helps extend your market reach and capitalize on the fast expanding world of web opportunities, thereby improving your top-line performance at a critical time when businesses have never faced so many difficult challenges. 90% of customers select a hosted solution.

MediaFiler, MediaFiler Bespoke and MediaFiler Go! MediaFiler Go! is a hosted solution only. MediaFiler has pre-configured version for Healthcare, Education and MarComs.

MEDIAFILER ticks all the right boxes … Flexible Scalable Powerful

  • A Modular Scalable System
  • Comprehensive basic package up to Enterprise
  • Extensive upgrade paths
  • Integrates with many 3rd party systems
  • Ease of use eradicates user training
  • Licensed by volume: guarantees low total cost of ownership
  • Platform Independent: Windows, Linux or hosted
  • Support for all media: images, video, audio, graphics, CAD and RAW
  • Fast ingestion, batch upload and batch addition of metadata
  • Outstanding browse, search and screen display performance
  • Multi-Language user support
  • Visually supports 100’s of file types, with both XMP & IPTC
  • Multiple search options, upload options and text entry options
  • Multiple reports on users, assets and system
  • Powerful workflows, OBDC and API connectivity
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Perfect mix of management & editing tools
  • Lock down security and digital rights management
  • New generation DAM software – built from scratch
  • All the benefits of desktop software – speed, interface and flexibility

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Laidback logo. Laidback provide digital media software
Laidback Solutions are a leader in their native Sweden since 2002 with an impressive set of 4 major Digital Media product solutions.
Laidback are delivering better products at better prices than so called industry giants.

Filetrain logo. Filetrain manages digital media files.
Outstanding file distribution manager –  the only way to connect !
Filetrain, is a superior file distribution manager to automate, handle and filter the file routing workflows and transmission of files by email, FTP or network transfer.  Manipulate XMP & IPTC. Saving hours of work a day and eliminating errors. A useful addition to many complex workflows or massive Picture Agency media distribution lists. FileTrain is now installed in digital media giants such as Express Newspapers, Keir Group Construction, Northern & Shell, UK Police authorities as a replacement for a file distribution manager. Certainly one of the best digital asset management software additions currently
available and fully integrates with MediaFiler

Feedback logo. Feedback provides reports on digital media usage
Picture agencies and Photographers love Feedback.  They get paid faster and on time.
Unbelievably, even in 2017, once a magazine is published someone physically goes through it page by page and lists all the pictures used.  Then matches the photograph to the owner, then they look up the image to find out the price they are to pay. No small task and for some it can take a day or two. Feedback, the latest software solution from Laidback produces reports in minutes directly from the PDF files sent for printing, linking into the XMP / IPTC date in the image which contains the fee information.  Job done.  Feedback fully integrates in most Digital Asset Management systems including MediaFiler. Publications like The Economist rely on feedback.

Laidback's sherpa logo. Sherpa is a digital asset management plugin for InDesign.
Metadata and workflow plug-in for InDesign
If you need a tool to handle metadata in images, Sherpa may be the one you want. Using Sherpa you will be able to add, delete and edit metadata in images, route images in automatic workflows based on a combination of metadata and hot folders. And  … you do all of this while your images are selected and being used within InDesign.  How easy is that.

Laidback's Cargo Logo, Cargo manages digital advertising files
Today, Cargo is the leading system for handling adverts in Sweden. Most of the Swedish newspapers and magazine publisher are running Cargo. There are several reasons for this but one of the main reasons is that the efficiency of the Cargo system creates a really fast Return on Investment. Cargo is modular and flexible which is proven by having both small customers with relatively small number of adverts to the biggest in Scandinavia, both gaining from using Cargo.

Check out the details on their web site and then give is a call as we represent laidback. laidbacksolutions provides bespoke programming. Need to do a tiny task or link two applications?

EMBARGO – A very simple programme requested by a Financial PR client who needed to issue a picture and press release at a particular time, to meet financial regulations.

FOLDER MAKER – Middleware designed with hot folders to prepare files and folders with specific unique names for transmission – a boon to picture agencies.

FILE CHECKER – A bespoke server system to check .png & .jpg thumbnails against WMV’s, FLV’s and MPEG files for a video news agency.

… to name but three.