World History Archive media library selects MediaFiler

World History Archive moves to MediaFiler

The Oxford based World History Archives has moved its unique collections depicting historical subjects and personalities onto a hosted MediaFiler system. The collection comprises images from around the world; illustrations, adverts, collector cards, books, periodicals and other photographs. Many of the world’s educational and historical book publishers are clients.

“We were running a number of libraries all holding smaller collections but we had to consolidate within one master library so clients found everything in one place.” Said Alex Goldberg, Managing Director of Image Content Collections. “We’re transferring all collections over to the new library and constantly uploading fresh material too. One of the reasons for selecting MediaFiler was that eventually we’ll have over a million images in the library making it one of the most sought after collections in the world.”

“Since we’ve brought the collections under one roof, so to speak, we’ve noticed an increase in usage and sales, not just from our traditional book publishing market but TV stations and on-line publications, who now find it easier to obtain the pictures they need.”

Apart from the speed and simplicity of this system, language is no barrier for their world wide clients as MediaFiler ‘speaks’ five languages [Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish] recognizing the users browser location.

Alastair McDavid, TDAL’s Managing Director commented “We’re delighted that World History Archives have selected MediaFiler and certainly when speed, ease of use and a capacity for over a million images is required, then MediaFiler ticks all the right boxes.”