Digital Asset Lab at launch of Spectrum 4.0

The Digital Asset Lab at SPECTRUM 4.0 launch

Digital Asset Lab at Launch of Spectrum 4.0
The SPECTRUM 4.0 launch with Nick Poole, CEO of The Collections Trust opening the session & workshop.

SPECTRUM is the UK and International Standard for Collections Management. The Digital Asset Lab are now a Collections Trust Partner. During OPENCULTURE 2011 at Aston University (7th & 8th June 2011), The Collections Trust unvailed their latest version, SPECTRUM 4.0

Nick Poole, CEO of The Collections Trust launced the SPECTRUM 4.00 Roadmap meeting to a packed audience interested in Digital Asset Management, Collections Management and Museums Management. There followed presentations by Alan Bentley of Museums Sheffield, Sally Carter from Museums Wales, Alex Dawson and Laura Whitton, both of The Collections Trust.

During the day, in the demonstration Theatre, Alastair McDavid, Managing Director of The Digital Asset Lab, presented a live demonstraton of MediaFiler, the rising star of Digital Asset Management software, used by a number of Museums. MediaFiler is also offered as a fully hosted and managed option by The Digital Asset Lab, a solution that appealed to many of the 300 attending the trade show and two day conference.