Start the year with MediaFiler Media Asset Management Software

MediaFiler starts every New Year’s Day working flat out.  Delivering the images from the New Year’s Day Parade in London (LNYDP) to newspapers, magazines, web blogs and TV stations around the world – all interested in how New Year is celebrated in London.

LNYDP – All photos: Credit Matt Sprake

MediaFiler has been hosting the LNYDP official press media library since 2015 ensuring that the LNYDP photographers can upload their images of the show and ensure instant worldwide distribution and media coverage with free downloads.

MediaFiler can set up a Digital Media Library to meet almost every event or PR opportunity and is robust enough to satisfy press demand for the images. MediaFiler was selected as the official Media Library distribution portal for the South American Games in 2014 and if you can survive the demand for those photos – you can survive anything!

MediaFiler has a range of hosted options available for the PR, Events and MarCom sectors – so talk to us and see if we can help you deliver the media coverage you crave.