MediaFiler Digital Asset Management screen shot of a Ferrari - the speed of MediaFiler is awesome

Speed is everything – so how do you achieve this?

Subscribing to a number of relevant industry blogs, digests and LinkedIn groups, almost every week some marketing bod or archivist asks everyone to visit their new media library that had just been launched onto the WWW.

Eagerly requesting everyone post feedback comments, pointing out that they have been working non-stop on developing the ‘site’ for the past twelve months using an assorted collection of ‘freely available’ components downloaded off the web which they have successfully cobbled together so this archive has cost their charity or organisation next to nothing.

The one last week was no exception and typical of most.

It was soooooooo slow!

In fact by the time the main page had appeared I was about to give up, but viewed the page and clicked on the link to the main archive. The egg timer again. Gave up.

Was it my connection speed? No I was averaging healthy 60 Mbps, called the Rutland office and asked them to try the site …. Same problem.

I’ve tried it a few times since then and again just now. Click – Wait. Click – Wait.

If I may echo Charles Forte who once said the success of his milk bars was based on three things, Location, Location, Location, we say the success of online archives are based on three things, Speed, Speed, Speed !

What is it with these organisations? Why do they let their ‘business’ down? Nowadays users expect digital archives to work at almost the same speed as computer games. Images are big files. The top archive software developers test every line of code against the clock. Cobbled together software is never going to make the grade. Adapted software, never intended, let alone designed for DAM is always going be slow. When will they learn that a digital media library is primarily a business tool?

Why are the management of these organisations letting them get away with it when nowadays – for many of them – you can obtain an affordable, secure, backed up, fully hosted and managed archive, like MediaFiler, that is DAM fast!

Photo:  MediaFiler