Digital Media software vendors using far too many Acronyms, image of OMG

DAM the Digital Asset Management TLA’s

I sat through a whole presentation full of TLA’s – Three Letter Acronyms – some were 4

Sure, we all know in our industry that Digital Asset Management is abbreviated to DAM but when companies needed a differentiator for their products and services all these TLA’s for digital media libraries sprung up:-

VAM = Video Asset Management
BAM = Brand Asset Management
MAM = Media Asset Management
IAM = Image Asset Management
PAM = Photo Asset Management

Was it our American cousins from over the pond that invented the DAM TLA’s. They all sound like the American Army expression WAM, BAM, Thank you MAM

WAM = Web Asset Management, yup, another one!

In fact it’s not surprising that they are used in our market sector; TLA’s are particularly associated with computing, imaging and photography.

Indeed some abbreviations even identify the brand, we photographic savvy types know that a VR Lens – Vibration Reduction – is a Nikon lens whereas an IS Lens – Image Stabilizer – is a Canon lens.

But … let me return to the presentation, this guy was hoping I’d include his DAM software solutions in our product portfolio. A very knowledgeable chap but used TLA’s constantly.

I can’t remember them all but I do remember he used DVAM, I guessed at Digital Video Asset Management but wrong, not Video but … Visual.

Then he used UXM – That got me, never even tried to guess, had to ask ….

User eXperience Management.

Should have guessed. I watched the 1979 BBC TV series called Danger UXB, the TLA for an UneXploded Bomb. Had one been at hand during the presentation, there is no telling where I would have put it!

He simply wasn’t aware he was constantly using TLA’s, thankfully he has a GSOH and he knows I will blog.

Perhaps I will set up a poll to find out what people actually call DAM software? Is it Digital Asset Management software or Picture Library Software?

We’ve all attended presentations full of TLA’s … but is it getting worse?