MediaFiler technician remotely monitoring DAM installations

DAM MediaFiler ‘Server Site Manager’

Another clever feature from the MediaFiler developers. Server Site Manager (SSM) allows all MediaFiler sites to be remotely monitored 24/7 by their country support teams, head office support and the software development centre. Naturally this benefits all our Hosted DAM clients but for security, the client has to opt-in and also activate the service on their individual site and server.

In the UK, all but some of our police and governmental clients – running internal MediaFiler systems – are linked to the SSM dashboards. Daily monitoring allows us to check the health of the system, including hardware failures and disk capacity levels. In the event of a software problem – haven’t had one yet – UK support can instantly view and monitor the site, the site administration panel and all system logs in real time, as can all head office teams. Resolve the situation – allowing the client back using all their digital assets in a trice.

This is so unlike other DAM software support centres that need the user – after requesting support tickets – to download and submit log files by email. Our clients just pick up the phone, while we have everything at our fingertips!

Peace of mind for MediaFiler clients worldwide. MediaFiler is the rising star in Digital Asset Management (DAM) software solutions.