MediaFiler Digital Asset Management Software delivers LNYDP

Best Media Asset Management Software for 2020

There’s nothing we love more than delivering great image and video content year-round, and MediaFiler, the leading Digital Media Asset Management software, kicks off the first day of 2020, as we do every year, by distributing images from the London New Year’s Day Parade (LNYDP) worldwide.

Our thanks to Matt Sprake, the LNYDP photographer for permission to use his photographs in this news blog.

MediaFiler Digital Asset Management Software delivers LNYDP
The Varsity Spirit Cheerleaders performs in the 2020 London New Years Day Parade

Media Asset Management (MAM), also known as a Digital Asset Management (DAM), allows organisations to manage all digital media such as images, video, audio, music, podcasts, animations, documents, PDFs and visual presentations.

Securely managing your digital media is now vital due to GDPR.  Centralise your media by collecting and storing your entire organisation’s digital media in one place: tag, sort, review and annotate your material to ensure instant search, discovery and retrieval of all your rich media, whilst managing the digital rights permissions.

MediaFiler Digital Asset Management Software delivers LNYDP
LNYDP Preview

MediaFilers’s stand out feature is undoubtedly speed. Not just ease of user experience and search speed, but display speed on screen.  Some competitive products are pitifully slow and many of our new clients are moving away from them and the free and cheap sites, partly due to GDPR, and partly due to widespread criticism from journalists and commercial users simply struggling to move through their images at pace.

We never forget that MediaFiler software is a business tool, with a job to do.  LNYDP needs to ensure that images are instantly available to busy journalists on a deadline.  With so many publications nowadays supplying 24/7 news updates, journalists need to whizz through the 100’s images, select what they want in the size they want safe in the knowledge that the caption text will be part of the image file to an international format,  to be read in their publication software – Job Done.  MediaFiler makes it easy for LNYDP to deliver instantly.

MediaFiler Digital Asset Management Software delivers LNYDP

MediaFiler is Flexible

MediaFiler is Scalable

MediaFiler is Powerful

MediaFiler ticks all the right boxes.

  • A simplified approach to managing media with easy to use software built by experts. No user
  • Lightning fast, accurate and to international standards
  • Reduces costs and time to market timelines
  • Senior management, IT and end user-friendly
  • One version caters for all – future proof
  • Hosted and managed by experts
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Licenced by volume – only buy what you need
  • Enhances the image of IT by providing robust and reliable better quality software to users
  • Powerful workflows, ODBC and API connectivity.  Integrate with 3rd party systems
  • Fast ingestion, batch upload and batch addition of metadata
  • Multiple reports on users, assets and system
  • Audit trail for compliance
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Perfect mix of management & editing tools
  • Lock down security and digital rights management
  • Media Asset Management / Digital Asset Management

MediaFiler is end-to-end DAM software, hosted both securely in the cloud ( 90% of our customers select a hosted solution) and on-premises.

Email us or call us on 020 89 330 440 and have an exploratory chat and see if MediaFiler might be right for your organisation.  Ask us for a fee trial, call or email now.

MediaFiler Digital Asset Management Software delivers LNYDP
Cheerleaders perform in the 2020 London New Years Day Parade – Photo by Matt Sprake, LNYDP, hosted on MediaFiler.