Nowadays clients want to choose what type of Digital Asset Management software system they adopt, on what operating system it runs, and whether they prefer it to be implemented in-house or hosted externally. Enter The Digital Asset Lab and MediaFiler’s pioneering software.

The majority of our clients opt for a hosted solution, providing  trouble free Digital Asset Management software.

Our philosophy is to offer clients a set of options for how they manage their fast-growing mountains of pictures, presentations, PDF’s, video, audio files and other documents in the face of today’s multi-media world. We offer informed choice leading to the right solution. Our philosophy is founded on 3 principles – product knowledge, outstanding expertise, and unrivalled experience.

Supplier Mix

Traditional DAM software dealers are like car dealers; tied to one solution. Whatever the question, the answer has to be their sole package. The Digital Asset Lab has broken this mould though, delivering tailored solutions to suit different needs.

This means our conversation with you can genuinely start by investigating your needs and business aspirations, rather than trying to dazzle you with the features of a single product. Instead of being product-led, we are truly client-driven. This produces much better results in the long run.

Starting with MediaFiler as our core platform, we’re free to always recommend and install and integrate other products to deliver the right solution for you. It also means we can build strong relationships with our clients and give them confidence we are always focusing on helping them achieve their goals.

MediaFiler is expandable and adaptable to your changing needs. MediaFiler is designed as a very powerful configurable Digital Asset Management system, at a range of prices to meet varying budgets.  MediaFiler already links into other systems to handle specialist requirements – let us know if you need it to link into your existing software.

Outstanding Expertise

Our founders comprise a unique team drawn from both the technical and creative industries. They weren’t just present at the birth of digital media; they helped create and develop it in the UK. See the sidebar right , members of our team worked on all these. They have always been committed to a programme of constant research and development, a continual quest for new and better ways for their clients to exploit the latest and most appropriate innovations.

Which is why our tagline is: … pioneering media technology

When clients come to us they can draw on our huge wealth of expertise to ensure the DAM solution they choose is the perfect one for them. We are always happy to provide recommendations and advice about the different options that are available.

Unrivalled experience at your fingertips

The history of IT is littered with the wreckage of projects which have run over budget, over time, or simply been abandoned. This is rarely down to poor software or hardware failures. More often, it’s due to poor project management or ill-defined systems – a ‘people problem’.

With decades of experience in implementing DAM systems in hundreds of companies – including such famous names as Marks & Spencer, Getty Images, and the Kier Group – our client management team is uniquely qualified to help you define and tailor the right solution for your business and thereby help avoid such pitfalls.

Unlike single-package solution providers, our satisfaction is drawn from working alongside you, training your staff thoroughly, and helping you implement your system in the fastest, smoothest manner to gain the most rapid return on investment (ROI). We approach each project as it deserves to be tackled; as an individual job with its own challenges to overcome and objectives to achieve. There is no one-size-fits-all solution with us.

If your choice is a hosted solution rather than an in-house system, we can get you up and running even more rapidly, generally within days. As part of this we will handle the conversion and uploading of your pictures, presentations, PDFs, video and audio files, and documents in our offices if you prefer. No internal upheaval, no extra investment in IT systems, no need to employ specialised staff to maintain your digital assets. You can concentrate on the business gains whilst we take care of the technology for you.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us please get in touch; we will be more than happy to arrange a full consultation.

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